If you’re someone who’s purchased Google’s chromecast device, then you know you’ll need chromecast Amazon prime. If you’ve been eyeing chromecast Amazon prime but have been indecisive, toss that uncertainty right out the window. Why? Because if you’ve purchased a google chromecast device already, you can certainly go the extra mile that’s definitely beneficial. Chromecast Amazon prime has definitely gotten better this year!. In this article, you’ll gain info on everything you knew to know that’s related to the chromecast Amazon prime.

Info on whether can you watch amazon prime on chromecast:

The very first information we’ll be diving right into, in this article is whether you’ll actually be able to watch amazon prime on chromecast. Can you watch amazon prime on chromecast? The answer is a simple yes, but no. Yes as in, you can open up a tab and use it through google on the device, but literally doing it on a chromecast isn’t necessarily possible for now.

chromecast amazon prime

You’ve already spent though, so spending a bit more isn’t too bad. With that said, using a tab isn’t all too bad. Simply get a google cast extension and you’ll be all set. Once it’s all set up there won’t be any other hassles ever again. If you don’t have google chrome, go ahead and download it. When that’s finished, you won’t have to really do anything with the google cast extension if you already have the latest version of Chrome.


Info on streaming Amazon prime to chromecast:

Go over to the upper right corner. Click on the three dots and go down the list, “ Cast “ will be there. Then follow the list of steps and that’s it. That will allow give you access to streaming Amazon prime to chromecast, literally any chromecast if the procedure is done right. That is how you’re able to use it through a smart t.v or laptop.


  • Get onto your Amazon prime account.
  • go over to settings.
  • Go through and find the option “WEB PLAYER PREFERENCES”
  • Pick Adobe Flash Player
  • Then move on over to what you’ve chosen to view and click the casting icon in the upper right corner of the page.

Potential way on how to watch chromecast Amazon prime from iPhone:

If you’re wondering how to use it through iPhone, then read on. You’re in luck that this article doesn’t only give you information related to setting it up on a smart t.v or lap, it also provides info on how you can potentially use it through your iPhone.

As a reminder, you should know the chromecast first and second gen are about $25s-$30s depending what you get. As long as you have it, just start the process by making sure your iPhone is on the same wifi network as your chromecast. how to watch chromecast Amazon prime from iPhone? Unlike on an android device, through iPhone, you can’t screen mirror. What you really want to try out though is figure out the kind of app that’s out on the market at the moment. CastonTV isn’t too bad, it may not allow people to use Amazon prime now though, but there are other useful apps. If the apps fail, try and use the tab to get on your Amazon account through the search bar and once you’ve done this, search for the video you want to watch on Amazon prime and see if you can cast it to your t.v or do it through a laptop. If it doesn’t work then sadly there isn’t any other way for now. Hope you found some use in this informative article and good luck.

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