Notes vs. Notebooks vs. Stacks

When I first started using Evernote, I didn’t use notes, notebooks, and stacks very effectively. Throw in a few tags and everything just went crazy. If you’re confused about notes, notebooks, and notebook stacks, think of it like this:

Notes= Paper

Notebooks= Dividers

Notebook Stacks= 3-Ring Binders


Notes go into Notebooks.

Notebooks go into Notebook Stacks.


Make sense?

3 Evernote Email Tricks You May Not Know

Each Evernote account has a unique Evernote email address that allows you to email notes directly to Evernote.  The address follows this pattern:

Your unique email address can be found by clicking on “Tools” and “Account Info” or by clicking “Settings” on your mobile device.

Desktop:                                                                                                      iPad

3 Email Tips:

1. Save your Evernote email address as a contact in your address book.  You’ll thank me later!
2. Email to a specific notebook. Emailed notes will go to your default notebook. However, you can email directly to a specific Evernote notebook by adding @+notebook name in the subject line (i.e. @ENG 8 Notes or @Personal).

3. Add tags to emails by using # in the subject line (i.e #Grammar or #Receipts).
So if you’re sending an email of your “Sentence Structure” notes to your “ENG 8 Notes” notebook and want to add a “grammar” tag to it, your subject line may look like this:
Sentence Structures @ENG 8 Notes #grammar
Have another Evernote Email tip to share? If so, leave it in the comment section.

Tips for Creating an Evernote Account

To create an Evernote account, you’ll need to download the free Evernote App from your App store.  If you’re using a computer, simply visit the Evernote website to create an account.

Email:  Enter the email address you most use. This email address is different than the Evernote Email address you will be assigned later.

Evernote Username:  As a general rule, use your real name (or some form of it) when creating accounts that you will use to share information with others.


  • JordanCollier
  • Jordan.Collier
  • Collier.Jordan
  • JCollier

          Not-So Good:

  • JSizzle98
  • CrazyPartyGuy01
  • BigSweatyWrestler99