Create a Reading Center for Kids [Video]

This past summer I was heading to a conference with some colleagues and while we were waiting for a flight I asked my friend, “What’s one thing you wish you could do in your kindergarten classroom?” She responded that she wished there was a way she could read a different book to each kid at the same time. If she could somehow record herself reading books and have students listen and follow along with headphones while in class, that would really be awesome.

Image 8-27-13 at 3.08 PMSo we brainstormed a little and came up with this solution:  Create a reading center in an Evernote notebook and use QR codes to access each note. In addition to listening while in class, students can also scan the QR code from home.

You’ll need the following to create and use a reading center in class:

  • an iPhone/iPod Touch/or iPad to record the audiobooks
  • an Evernote account
  • QR Code creator (I prefer Kaywa)
  • Kids’ books
  • 4-6 iPod Touches/iPhones and headphones (Tip:  Ask for old iPhone donations)

By using QR codes to link the book to the Evernote note, students will see something like this after scanning the code.

The video below will walk you through the steps in more detail, but I’ll list them here:

1. Record the book.

2. Add the audio file and picture of book to Evernote note.

3. Copy the note URL.

4. Create a QR code for the note using Kaywa (or any other QR creator).

5. Print the QR code and attach it to the book.

6. Download a QR reader on reading center device.

7. Scan and read.

Create a Reading Center using Evernote from Jordan Collier on Vimeo.


Have fun! I’d love to hear how this works for you!

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