Evernote Student Handbook

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I wrote this handbook to guide my students through the multiple ways they could use Evernote on their phones, tablets, and computers to help them be more organized, better prepared, and less stressed at school. This book does not explain how Evernote works; rather, it shows students how Evernote can work for them.

With step-by-step procedures, students learn how to use Evernote for taking notes, scanning assignments, researching projects, and so much more!

Want to include a copy in each of your student’s individual portfolio or make a copy available in your shared class notebook? Select the option below that best fits your needs:

Share with Single Class (1-30 students) — $30.00  btn_buynow_SM

Share with Multiple Classes (30+ students)– $60.00  btn_buynow_SM

I definitely hope that you purchase the book, but if you’re still on the fence, download a free sample.

*As Evernote continues to improve its service, I will continually update this handbook and send updated versions to everyone who has purchased a previous version. 

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