Evernote Use #11- Annotate a PDF #50EduEvernote

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Evernote Use #11- Annotate a PDF

Think of the last time you read a PDF and wanted to highlight the text or make a note. When was the last time someone emailed you a PDF you needed to sign and send back? There are many PDF annotation apps out there, but Evernote may be exactly what you’re looking for. And best of all, once you make the annotations, they are automatically saved.

Similar to annotating an image, annotating a PDF in Evernote is simple and very convenient. Once you open a PDF with Evernote or save a PDF to Evernote, click the PDF annotation button (see below). For the examples below, I’ll be showing the Evernote Mac version, but the features work across all devices.

Annotate a PDF (Evernote for Mac)

Annotate a PDF (Evernote for Mac)

You’ll then be able to highlight, type notes, jot handwritten notes, add a signature, use shapes– basically anything you need to do.

PDF Annotations (Evernote for Mac)

PDF Annotations (Evernote for Mac)

When you’re finished, your annotations are saved to the PDF inside the Evernote note, and if you select “Include Markup Summary,” your annotations will be featured when previewing the PDF in Evernote.

Annotated PDF & Markup Summary (Evernote for Mac)

Annotated PDF & Markup Summary (Evernote for Mac)

If you ever find yourself wanting to annotate a PDF (or if you need to sign a document), Evernote is the way to go!

In addition to being great for teachers and administrators, using Evernote for PDF annotations is also great for students!



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  2. Hi, I’ve been reading your posts since this morning. The only comment I have is that PDF annotation is neither available on PC nor on the web versions so far. I have a premium account and I’ve searched high and low for that function, but can only use it on Android.

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