Evernote Use #12- Turn a Note into a PDF #50EduEvernote

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Evernote Use #12- Turn a Note into a PDF

Evernote has pretty much replaced Microsoft Word for me. As a teacher and now as an administrator, when I’ve needed to create a document (i.e., an assignment, test, weekly faculty memo, etc.), Evernote has become my go-to. As I write and create, my notes are automatically saved and I can work on the document from anywhere on any device!

Last year, since I shared all of our class notes and assignments using a shared notebook, it was important that all of my documents were saved as PDFs.

In the past, I would create the assignment or test in Evernote, then I would copy it to Word, save it as a PDF, and then save it back to Evernote. That was way too much work, but it was the best I knew how to do.

However, recently I discovered any Evernote note can be saved as a PDF, and it’s becoming something I do just about every day. The next time you’re creating a document you need to share with someone, consider creating a PDF with Evernote. Here’s how:

Create a PDF (Evernote for Mac)

Create a PDF (Evernote for Mac)

When you’re finished, the newly-created PDF will be added to a new note in your default notebook.

I like to keep the original and PDF in the same note, so I merge the two notes together by selecting them and then clicking “Merge.”

Note List (Evernote for Mac)

Note List (Evernote for Mac)

Once the two notes are merged, you’ll have a single note with the original content and a PDF copy of it– which is perfect for sharing and emailing.

Merged Note (Evernote for Mac)

Merged Note (Evernote for Mac)

If you’d then like to annotate the PDF, go for it!

I hope this helps and saves you some time.




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