Evernote Use #13- Save PD Documetation #50EduEvernote

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting 50 different ways school administrators and educators can use Evernote to be more organized and more effective. I’ll be using #50EduEvernote on Twitter to further this discussion and share ideas. If you’d like, click here to follow me on Twitter.

Evernote Use #13- Keep Up With Professional Development Documentation

For years I kept a 3-ring binder for my professional development documentation. I would come back from a workshop, punch holes in my documentation, and put it in my binder. That is if I remembered to do it. Often I would forget and when I needed to turn in all of my hours, I’d have to track down all of those forms.

Now I use Evernote. (Of course I was going to say that, right?)

When I get any PD documentation, I scan or snap a picture of it and add the picture to my PD notebook in Evernote. I title the note the name of the conference and also tag it for quick reference.

Scanned PD Documentation (Evernote for Mac)

Scanned PD Documentation (Evernote for Mac)

In addition to saving PD workshop documentation in Evernote, I also save travel receipts. When I get a receipt, I immediately snap a picture of it (because more than likely I’ll lose it). I save all of my receipts from a trip in one note, and after the trip, I email the note to the accounting department for reimbursement.

Travel Expenses (Evernote for Mac)

Travel Expenses (Evernote for Mac)

At the end of the school year when it’s time to turn in all of my PD documentation, I have everything saved and can easily find it.

Since all educators must keep track of their PD, this a great way to encourage others to start using Evernote. Share this post with them and tell them they can get a free month of Evernote Premium just for creating an account!

2 thoughts on “Evernote Use #13- Save PD Documetation #50EduEvernote

  1. Hi Jordan,

    I’ve been loving your Evernote series! I’m going to start using it for receipts and documentation from conferences as well. One question, however– doesn’t your school require original receipts, not scanned copies?

    Thanks, and keep the helpful tips coming!

    • Good question, Alicia. To be honest, I’ve never asked. Perhaps some organizations have different policies? It would probably be a good idea to check with your policies.

      Have fun Evernoting!


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