Evernote Use #19- Document Everything #50EduEvernote

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting 50 different ways school administrators and educators can use Evernote to be more organized and more effective. I’ll be using #50EduEvernote on Twitter to further this discussion and share ideas. If you’d like, click here to follow me on Twitter.

Evernote Use #19- Document Everything

Documentation is critical in a classroom or office. Someone once told me, “It didn’t happen if you didn’t write it down.”

With all its features (including audio recording and image recognition) and the availability across so many difference platforms, Evernote is the perfect place to save…

a parent contact log

discipline documentation

professional development documentation

teacher leave request forms

classroom observations

email conversations

meeting notes


lesson plans

homework assignments

sub plans

seating charts

classroom ideas

class rosters

restroom passes

library book checkouts

daily reflections

ideas for next year

student portfolios

reading notes

Basically anything you need to document, Evernote is the perfect tool. Think about how you document things now– is everything in one place and available at any time from anywhere?


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