Evernote Use #2- Taking and Organizing Meeting Notes #50EduEvernote

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting 50 different ways school administrators and educators can use Evernote to be more organized and more effective. I’ll be using #50EduEvernote on Twitter to further this discussion and share ideas. If you’d like, click here to follow me on Twitter.

Reason #2- Taking and Organizing Meeting Notes

At its core, Evernote is for designed for taking notes. Because teachers and administrators find themselves attending several meetings, it’s essential to have a system in place to keep track of responsibilities, meeting notes, agendas, and follow-up tasks.

In your next meeting, use your phone, tablet, or laptop to take notes. Save the note in “meetings” notebook and tag the note by meeting type (i.e., parent meeting, admin meeting, faculty meeting, etc.) By using Evernote, your notes are always saved, always available, and always searchable.

Evernote for Mac

Evernote for Mac


For those who prefer handwriting notes during meetings, tomorrow’s post is just for you!


50 Ways Admins and Teachers Can Use Evernote #50EduEvernote

#1- Checklists & To-Do Lists

12 thoughts on “Evernote Use #2- Taking and Organizing Meeting Notes #50EduEvernote

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  2. I haven’t really used Evernote for reminders, but I like the potential this has. I appreciate your sharing these tips. I’m beginning to rethink how I use Evernote. I’ve mainly used it as a cloud storage tool, but I’m seeing more potential for it now.

    • Thanks, Philip. I use Evernote for just about everything now. I hope I can share many more ways you’ll find beneficial.

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  6. I know this post is more aimed at administrators than teachers, but as a teacher I am using Evernote more and more this year for school. The biggest way is to track meeting notes and notes from professional development sessions I attended. My team mates like when I take notes in EN and then email them out to everyone after the meeting or training.

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