Evernote Use #22- Save Emergency Contact Forms #50EduEvernote

Any of us who travel with students must be prepared for emergencies so we often travel with valuable information.

  • Coaches carry an emergency contact form for each of our athletes.
  • Teachers carry field trips permission slips with emergency contact information for each student.
  • Bus drivers carry emergency information for each passenger.

Unfortunately, the forms are not always organized, sometimes they’re misplaced or forgotten, and often when there is an emergency, they are hard to find.

This past football season, a player from the visiting team was knocked unconscious. An ambulance was needed and the player was carted off the field. The visiting coach had left all of his players’ emergency contact information forms in his office and had no way of getting them before the ambulance arrived at the hospital.

Of all the times to forget the forms, this was the worst timing.

Our coaches and teachers won’t experience this. When students turn in their emergency contact forms, we scan them and save them as a PDF (using the Fujitsu ScanSnap). The forms are saved in a shared Evernote notebook and can be accessed when needed by our faculty.

It’s easy to forget to bring contact forms, but when they’re saved in Evernote, they can be accessed from anywhere.

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