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As both a parent and an educator, I place great value in documenting a child’s progress and growth. However, providing detailed information regarding growth isn’t as convenient as checking a box or assigning a grade. Documenting growth takes time– but it is certainly time well-spent.

Last year, my son was in PreK-3 and in December we received a progress report. It was my first “report card” experience as a parent– very surreal. I enjoyed reading over his progress report and it took every part of me to not want to “fix” all of his “deficiencies” (which we didn’t “fix”).

But let me ask you something:  Which of the following tells you more about my son’s progress with using scissors?

Option A- Progress Report Checklist

Progress Report

 Option B- Picture of Cut-Out

Picture of Square Cut-Out

Option C- Video of Student Cutting Out a Shape

Clearly, the video communicates progress more than the checklist and picture! How awesome would it be if teachers would combine video and audio along with a checklist to document their students’ progress in a digital portfolio that parents could access at any time?

Evernote is perfect digital portfolios. Click here to read how I used Evernote for digital writing portfolios in my 8th grade English class.

If you’d like to learn more about using Evernote for digital portfolios, here are some great resources:

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The Power of E-Portfolios by Rob van Nood (ebook)

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