Evernote Use #5- Capture Classroom and School Ideas #50EduEvernote

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting 50 different ways school administrators and educators can use Evernote to be more organized and more effective. I’ll be using #50EduEvernote on Twitter to further this discussion and share ideas. If you’d like, click here to follow me on Twitter.

Evernote Use #5- Capture Classroom and School Ideas

How many times do you catch yourself saying, “This would be a great to do next year”? For me, it’s just about every day. Before using Evernote, I used my lesson plan book to record those ideas. However, my best ideas rarely came to me while I was sitting in my classroom at my desk with my lesson plans open and no students present. Most of the time, the best ideas came to me while I was driving, mowing the year, washing dishes, or running. Since I don’t mow the yard with my lesson plans, that was an issue.

School Ideas NotebookNow, whenever an idea hits me, I quickly open Evernote on my phone (because that is almost always with me!) or computer and capture that idea in my “School Ideas” notebook.

In addition to using a notebook for ideas, I also use tags to help me organize my ideas even further. Some of my tag labels include:

Ideas Tag

Ideas Tags (Evernote for Mac)

2014 School Idea

Class Ideas

Teaching Ideas

Next Year Idea


CAC Tech

ENG Dept. Ideas

Classroom Management


We all have “This would be great for next year” moments. Capturing those ideas is essential, and Evernote is the perfect way to do it.



50 Ways Admins and Teachers Can Use Evernote #50EduEvernote

#1- Checklists & To-Do Lists

#2- Taking and Organizing Meeting Notes

#3- Saving Handwritten Meeting Notes

#4- Emailing Files

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  3. You are amazing, I am an Evernote user, in fact, not sure how I functioned before Evernote, but you teach me something new every day. Jordan, you are inspiring, can’t wait to share your blog with my pre-service teachers this semester. Any chance I could get you to Facetime or Skype into one of my class sections. I could record to show in other sections. Would love you to do a presentation to theses future teachers at Kansas State University and convince them they should be using Evernote. They all have an iPad and of course a variety of other devices, computers, phones, etc. If you are willing, shoot me an email. Regardless, thanks all the great stuff you share.

    • Thanks for the compliments, Cyndi. I’d love to Facetime or Skype with your classes! I’ll email you and we’ll set something up.

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  5. Awesome idea! I’ve been using Evernote for years and this year started really incorporating it into my teaching but this is an idea I simply had NOT thought of. Off to Evernote right now to set up a “school ideas” notebook and search my current notes for ideas that might be floating lost and lonely!

    • Have fun. Be sure to add a few reminders to some of those ideas to remind you to go back and read them. For some of my back-to-school ideas, I set a reminder for July 1, 2014 or July 15, 2014. Without the reminders, we’ll be in the middle of back-to-school stuff before I remember those ideas I captured.

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