Evernote Use #4- Emailing Files #50EduEvernote

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting 50 different ways school administrators and educators can use Evernote to be more organized and more effective. I’ll be using #50EduEvernote on Twitter to further this discussion and share ideas. If you’d like, click here to follow me on Twitter.

Evernote Use #4- Emailing Files

I’m not sure where I read it, but somewhere I read it is rude to send someone an email larger than 5 MB. I have no idea if that’s true, but the principle has stuck with me. Whenever I have a large attachment I need to send someone, rather than bog down my email and the recipient’s email, I save the file to Evernote and share the note URL.

Here’s a great example:

Recently I was working with Michelle (a website’s customer service representative) because I was having some issues. After several back-and-forth emails of screenshots, the problem still wasn’t resolved (mainly because I wasn’t doing a good job communicating exactly what was happening).

So I recorded a screencast (less than 2 minutes) to show exactly what I was experiencing. The video file ended up being 46 MB (way too large for me to email), so I saved it to Evernote and copied the note’s share URL (see image below).

Share URL

Evernote for Mac

I then sent Michelle the following email using the note’s URL I just copied.

Email Link

Email with Evernote Share URL

When Michelle clicked on the link I sent her, she saw the shared note below.

Shared Note URL

Shared Note URL

Michelle was able to watch my screencast and see the exact issues I was having.

Now, I realize many people use Dropbox for something like this and that’s fine. Dropbox is great. But for me, it’s all about streamlining the process and using as few programs as possible. If it can be done in Evernote, that’s what I use.

One thing to keep in mind:  Evernote does have much smaller storage restrictions than Dropbox (100 MB max note size and 1 GB monthly upload limits for premium users), so you need to be careful.

However, rarely do I need to email extremely large files anyway. Most of the time I need to share a 20-30 MB short video or PDF. So, using Evernote is perfect for me.


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