Extending the Classroom Workshops

In order to be an effective teacher and successfully influence students, I knew I had to be consistent in the following five areas:
  • My instruction had to be top-notch. I needed to be prepared, in-line with my frameworks, and have a clear objective.
  • The context of my lessons needed to be clear so my students could connect new ideas with previous ones– and also connect them with the world around them.
  • My classroom must be managed well to limit distractions and maximize learning opportunities.
  • I needed to constantly give students multiple opportunities to be creative and share their new ideas with others.
  • The materials and assignments I gave students had to be challenging, engaging, and relevant.
The Missing Piece
For years I was consistent in these five areas, but I always felt something was missing:
at-home support.
A Teacher's Influence

The Solution
Using ShowMe, Livesribe, GoodReader, Penultimate, and Notability, I post video tutorials, interactive resources, study materials, and additional support in an Evernote shared notebook that students can access with any internet device– anytime, anywhere. A shared class notebook is perfect for
  • students who need extra help
  • students who need extra time
  • students who miss class
  • students who are studying for tests
  • students who want to really understand a class concept.
The video below illustrates exactly how Evernote works for me in my classroom.


Sharing with Teachers
This summer I will be walking teachers through a step-by-step, hands-on process of extending the classroom at area conferences, universities, and schools. For more information, including workshop descriptions, sample schedules, and fees, download the Extending the Classroom Workshop Information (PDF).
Any other questions? Email me here.

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