Get the Most from a Conference Using Shared Notebooks

When attending a conference or workshop with other teachers from your school, a shared notebook is a great place to collect, condense, and share notes with each other and the teachers and administrators from your school who were unable to attend.

The best way to do this is to create a notebook and share it with the other teachers attending the conference. As a premium member, you can give full editing rights to the notebook which allows other users to upload, edit, and manage the shared notebook.

No matter how teachers plan to take notes during the conference, they can be uploaded to this notebook for quick reference.

Evernote— simply open a new note in this notebook and begin typing (don’t forget the picture & recording features, but keep in mind that a note’s size limit is 1MB so you can’t go crazy with pics, video, and audio!)

Notability— simply send the notes to Evernote (don’t forget the picture & recording features)

Penultimate— simply move your note from the synced Penultimate notebook to this notebook (may have to be done via a browser or desktop– not sure)

Pen and Paper– open a new note in this notebook and snap a picture of your handwritten notes.

Livescribe*— simply record and copy notes, sync the pen, and send to Evernote.
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Another way? It will still work. Just email your note to your Evernote account and then move it to the shared notebook.

As you take notes, focus on the stories just as much as the specific content, quotes, and statistics. I love the idea below from Made to Stick and would like to create something similar using Evernote.

The Conference Storybook —A great idea for summarizing a conference!

1. Write down the stories each presenter tells.

2. Structure and organize the stories.

3. Convert to book form to share with others at the company.

A story is much better than a common-sense quote about keeping lines of communication open. Instead of “Lessons from Nordstrom: In retail, outstanding customer service is a key source of competitive advantage”—use the story about a Nordie wrapping a Macy’s gift. The message (outstanding customer service) will still be shared and the story will be remembered.

After the conference, edit the notes, then share with colleagues via a personal invitation to join the notebook or create and share a public URL.

Have fun!


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