I Lost My Notes!

One of the most basic and essential exercises for a student is taking notes. Students sit in desks, pencils ready (or pens if they’re allowed), eyes up front. The teacher goes through the notes telling students exactly what to write and the students follow along. When the notes are finished, some students meticulously place the notes in their notebooks while others shove their notes in their notebooks, fold them up and put them in their pockets, or worse, they accidentally leave them in the desk.

So what good is taking notes if they are lost and/or never used?

Enter Evernote

There are several ways to upload handwritten notes into Evernote, but one great iPhone app is JotNot Pro. After taking notes, students can simply snap a JotNot picture and send it an Evernote notebook.

Once a note is in an Evernote notebook, it will always be available.

Then let’s say a student is working on an assignment and needs to refer to the notes to find something specific. By simply searching the term in Evernote (like “Coordinate Adjectives“), the notes will instantly appear.

Evernote will also search handwriting to find key words. In the example below, I searched “informal” and was able to quickly find the notes for informal letter writing.

Taking good notes is an essential skill students need to master, but only if those notes are organized and are easy to use. Since introducing my students to Evernote, I still find notes left in desks– but now I wonder if they were left accidentally or on purpose.

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