It’s September already?!

August is always a blur for me (as it probably is for most teachers). My typical August looks like this:

  • a week of teacher in-service
  • the first day of classes
  • student open house
  • new student orientation
  • roster/schedule changes
  • new teaching assignments
  • classroom management tasks (seating charts, organization, teaching routines to students)
  • losing my voice

This year I added one more thing to my plate:  teaching my students how to use Evernote. Since I’ve been pretty busy, it was easy to put this blog on the shelf, and regretfully I did. I am committing today to post at least three times a week.

Next week’s post are as follows:

  1. Leading my first Evernote Student Workshop (with 25 attendees!)
  2. Setting up student accounts
  3. The first 3 things to teach students about Evernote

I’ll be back. You have my word.



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