KORCOS Conference 2012- Videoconferencing and Evernote

Thanks to Google Hangout, on Thursday I’ll be co-presenting a workshop at the KORCOS 2012 International Education Conference in Incheon, South Korea. Our session is called “Videoconferencing and Evernote in the Classroom.” My friend (Kevin) teaches at an international school in Korea and uses videoconferencing often in his classroom to “bring in” guest speakers and experts. He’ll be in Korea demonstrating how he uses videoconferencing in his classroom; I’ll be sitting at my desk in the United States demonstrating how I use Evernote in my classroom.

Isn’t that nuts?! Man, we live in the future.

When videoconferencing, the true value is the interaction between the audience and the guest– so I have 8 minutes. 8 minutes. 480 seconds. That’s it. How do I boil down everything into 8 minutes?

After some considerable thought, I’m going to demonstrate how using Evernote helped answer these three questions:

  • What is the best way to assist, tutor, and teach students when they are working outside of my classroom?
  • What is the best way to document, show, and share individual student growth?
  • What is the best way to assess the individual needs of my students while still using the state writing rubric?

If you had 480 seconds to share what you love about Evernote, what would you say? Comment below. (No, seriously– comment below. Think about how cool it would be if everyone who reads this post actually posts a comment. There would be SO many new ideas spread instantly. Often when I have an idea, I just assume everyone else has that same idea– but that’s rarely the case. What might seem obvious to you, may seem genius to someone else. So if the urge hits you, share your genius below.)

2 thoughts on “KORCOS Conference 2012- Videoconferencing and Evernote

  1. I use Evernote as a huge digital filing cabinet that I can have with me any where I go! I save everything to Evernote, personal, tech info, pd, everything. I love the search features. It’s so great to be able to start typing and find what you are looking for fast! You don’t have to know the title or the file name or carry around a jump drive. I have friends who still wear them like jewelry! 🙂

    The newest way I utilize Evernote is to scan chapters (ex. worked out etc.) and save them digitally to that subject (Algebra 2 for ex.) Now I will have them handy anytime on any device. We just got a new printer/scanner in our work room at school so now it’s super fast and easy to scan multiple pages in a short time and they are automatically emailed to me. I just had a thought that I should see ITTT (if this then that) has a “recipe” to have those sent directly to my Evernote account and to a specific folder. I have this set up for any emails I favorite. I will have to look into that for sure and become even more streamlined! Our students are a one to one net book school so the more I have in digital the better.

    Jordan I really like your blog post. I just came across them tonight and have read over several. Thank you for sharing so much usable information. You are a great resource!
    By the way I am in Clarksville, AR.

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