No More Copies

In my last post, I shared some easy tips for keeping track of notes and other written assignments. In today’s post, I’m going to show you an easy way to go paperless by using Adobe Reader (a free app) in just 4 steps.

In my class, I typically type cloze notes (notes with fill-in-the-blanks), make 80-100 copies, and distribute them to my students. I then teach a lesson while the students follow along filling in the blanks.

Here is one way I am able to use Evernote without having to change the way I have my students take notes or without having to completely change the way I teach! (And, hey, it may even save a few trees along the way.)

1. Share the notes

I have a class notebook (titled “8th Grade English”) that I share with my students when they first create an Evernote account. In addition to making a copy of the notes for each student each day, I also save the notes as a PDF file in the class notebook. So, instead of distributing 30 pieces of paper to my students, I may have several students who would rather use their iPhones, iPod touches, iPads, or Kindle Fires, and they simply open PDF file from the class notebook.

2. Open in Adobe Reader

By clicking on the arrow in the top right corner, open the PDF file in Adobe Reader.

3. Adding Documentation

By using Adobe Reader, students are able to add notes, highlight, underline, write notes (I recommend a stylus for this), and add any other comments, diagrams, or figures.

4. Save in Evernote

Once the notes are completed, there are two easy ways to save them in Evernote. By clicking the arrow in the top menu bar, you are given the option to email the document (using your Evernote email address) or open the document in Evernote (which saves it directly to Evernote).


Open in Evernote

It may take a few times for students to get acclimated with this process, but like everything else relating to classroom management, once the system is in place, students will get the hang of it.


How might Evernote have changed things for you in junior high?

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