One Word Will Change Everything

This week’s Entreleadership podcast features Dan Britton and Jimmy Page, the authors of One Word That Will Change Your Life. While I have not read their book, the ideas they shared in the interview are intriguing.

What one word sums up this year for me?

As I listened to the podcast, I brainstormed some words that would define this next year for me as an educator, and I committed to my one word.

OK, I cheated. I committed to two words (three if you count the ampersand).

Enhance & Extend

I love instructional technology. I’m absolutely amazed at what’s out there and I reserve time each day to research, tinker, and discover new ideas. While I lose myself in the “work” (if we want to even call it that because it sure feels like “playing” to me), I don’t do it solely for myself. I do it because I want to enhance the learning environment for my students and extend it. I want to provide my students the best resources possible in order to help them solve problems and seek out answers whether they’re in my classroom or working from home.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

  1. It’s fun.
  2. It does take time.
  3. It’s worth the investment.

The words enhance & extend are at the forefront of my decisions. They are my benchmark. They drive my classroom activities and assignments. They push me to discover new techniques, new strategies, and new systems– not because the old way no longer works, but because new ways work, too (and are way more fun!). By seeking out ways to extend my classroom (i.e., Livescribe pencasts or ShowMe Videos), students can seek out help whenever and wherever they may be.

So, there you have it. My one word for the year:  enhance&extend.

What one word sums up this year for you?


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