The First Evernote Student Workshop

Because my administrators were willing to take a chance on my vision, I held the first ever Evernote Student Workshop at my school on Tuesday, July 31.

I began spreading the word about the class (via email, Twitter, and Facebook) on Monday, July 23, and by that Friday, I already had 20 students register.

Despite the fee and time (Tuesday morning in the middle of the summer), 25 junior high and high school students showed up with iPhones, iPads, tablets, and laptops at 9:00 AM on Tuesday morning ready to go.

In the three hour session, we covered a lot. I walked students through the following:

  • creating an account
  • creating a note
  • creating class notebooks
  • creating class notebook stacks
  • 4 easy ways to take notes in class
  • recording audio
  • searching notes
  • sharing notes and notebooks
  • using Skitch and Adobe Reader to annotate digital notes
  • scanning documents (using JotNot and Scanner Pro)
  • snapping pictures of notes (from the whiteboard and paper-copies)
  • sending emails directly to Evernote
  • using Evernote webclipper for research projects
  • creating study guides and essay outlines using note links
  • 17 practical, everyday classroom uses for Evernote
  • communicating with teachers to get permission to use Evernote in class

I scheduled the workshop for 3 hours. We started right at 9, took two 10-minute breaks, and finished at 12:01 (one minute over!). The students were completely engaged, asked thought-provoking questions, and seemed genuinely excited about starting the school-year off on the right foot.

We covered a lot! As a result, some students might have been overwhelmed– similar to drinking from a fire hydrant. For others, the wheels were turning and the ideas were rolling (proven by the number of emails and comments I’ve received since). To help students filter through all the ideas and remember how to do everything we covered, each participant received a copy of the Evernote Student Handbook— a 60+ page how-to ebook I wrote that follows the same format I use for the workshop.

Since the class, the feedback has been tremendous. Students are using their phones and tablets like never before. They’re teaching other teachers, teaching each other, and creating an individualized organizational system they can carry beyond junior high and high school. Not a day goes by that a student or teacher doesn’t stop by my classroom to ask me an Evernote question or to share a new idea they’ve had for using Evernote.

I’ve been asked several times by both parents and students about leading another class at my school– I hope to have the opportunity.

I’d also like to lead the workshop at other schools. 

If you’re a teacher or principal and would like for me to lead a workshop for your students, contact me and we’ll work out the details.

7 thoughts on “The First Evernote Student Workshop

  1. That is a bummer. I would love to purchase a copy. I’m planning on using Evernote this year with 6th graders and looking for tips on getting started. Thanks for the blog!

    • I use a premium account (actually, I use two– one for my personal use and one for school). Originally, my students were going to have premium accounts, but we decided to go with the free accounts– and it’s worked great!

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