Three Ways to Use Evernote Reminders (that you may not have considered)

Since its recent update, Evernote has added many great features like integrating Skitch into Evernote, launching the market, and adding a presentation mode. However, my favorite addition (and the one that’s been missing for way too long!) is the reminder feature.

How does it work? It’s simple. By clicking the reminder icon (alarm clock) on any note, you can set a specific date and time for that note to be emailed to you. This is huge for project deadlines, upcoming events (like birthdays or anniversaries), and trip itineraries, but let me give you three reminder ideas you may not have considered.


1. Reading Reflections:  Before I ever knew what it was called, I kept a commonplace book (a central location for book quotations, ideas, and reading notes). As often as I read on my Kindle, Evernote has become the perfect place to keep my commonplace book. When I read, I take my time highlighting key ideas, writing notes, and asking questions, and once I finish a book, I consider myself 80% finished because I still need to transfer my ideas and notable quotations to Evernote (my commonplace book). Thanks to Evernote reminders, I now set a reminder about 1-3 months in the future and receive an email or notification to review my book notes with a fresh perspective.


Evernote Reminder SS

2. Keeping up with documentation. As a school administrator, I have the supreme joy of finding substitute teachers when needed. For planned absences, our teachers complete a leave request form stating the date and nature of the absence. Once the request is approved, we file the form in a giant 3-ring binder. However, before it’s filed, I scan the request form with my ScanSnap scanner, send the scan to my “Teacher Documentation/Forms” Evernote notebook, tag the note with the teacher’s last name, and set a reminder for the day before the planned absence. When the time comes, I receive an email and notification showing me the exact form I scanned with the specific class periods needed and I’m able to verify we are prepared to cover the absence the next day. You may not be a school administrator, but I’d bet you can find a similar use to help you with day-to-day operations (like keeping up with receipts, follow-up calls, trip itineraries, etc.).


3. Emails to Future Me. Before Evernote reminders, I’ve used a cool site called which is really simple:  you write an email to yourself in the future and select a date you want to receive it (like six months from now), and six months later you receive an email from yourself. Weird, I know– but really helpful. I’ve replaced using FutureMe with Evernote reminders. For example, during the first week of in-service this year (my first as an administrator), I kept a note of ideas for next year and set a reminder for July 15, 2014. When July 15 rolls around next year, I’ll be just gearing up for back-to-school events and I’ll receive an email reminder to check out my notes from this past year. I have several reminders set for 2014 already!


The beauty of Evernote is that everyone can make it work perfectly for them. These three Evernote reminder uses have helped me be more productive, and I’d love to hear how Evernote reminders are working for you! Just leave a comment below.





6 thoughts on “Three Ways to Use Evernote Reminders (that you may not have considered)

  1. Really clever uses of the Reminder features in Evernote, Jordan. I especially like the Future Me concept, I have not heard of that I will have to look into this a bit more. Would you say you use the Future Me service as a future planning service or Goal setting service? I realize you are now accomplishing this in Evernote with Reminders, I am just trying to wrap my head around the concept…

    • Thanks for the comment, Jason. I learned about FutureMe from Jon Acuff. I don’t really use it as a future planning service or a goal setting service. It took me a some time to come up with the right description, but I would say I use it as a “improvement” service. As an educator, my job is very cyclical (i.e., back-to-school inservice in August, homecoming is always in late Sep./early Oct., semester tests, term papers, etc.). During each cycle, I think of a lot of ideas for next year which would get lost if not for FutureMe (and now Evernote reminders). When each cycle approaches I receive an email reminder taking me back a year and reminding me about what’s important, what I should focus on, and what to do to make things better. Without a system in place, I’d keep doing the same things over and over expecting a different result. Does that make sense?

  2. I am also using Evernote for documentation for student discipline incidents or notes for upcoming RTI meetings and such. I have a folder labeled student documentation and I can quickly pop a note into it, or if I don’t have time to do the full note at that time I ‘ll set the title up as a reminder to work on it later. That way in the hustle and bustle I don’t forget to go back and document while the details are still somewhat fresh in my mind.

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