Tips for Creating an Evernote Account

To create an Evernote account, you’ll need to download the free Evernote App from your App store.  If you’re using a computer, simply visit the Evernote website to create an account.

Email:  Enter the email address you most use. This email address is different than the Evernote Email address you will be assigned later.

Evernote Username:  As a general rule, use your real name (or some form of it) when creating accounts that you will use to share information with others.


  • JordanCollier
  • Jordan.Collier
  • Collier.Jordan
  • JCollier

          Not-So Good:

  • JSizzle98
  • CrazyPartyGuy01
  • BigSweatyWrestler99

6 thoughts on “Tips for Creating an Evernote Account

  1. I am unable to register my free account! I can insert my email address, username, and password but it will not accept my password and will not allow me to move beyond this point! Please advise. I used more than 6 characters and alpha/numeric combination in the password.


  2. Same problem, cannot register the create account site will not accept any username I try to add? How do I contact Evernote? Email address for help? Thanks for any suggestions on who to contact.

    • Jeanine,

      I’m sorry that you’re having problems registering. The username you are using to register may be already be taken.

      If you’ve registered already but don’t remember your password, you can click the link below to retrieve your password.

      If neither of these options work for you, the only other suggestion I have for you is to start from scratch and register a brand new account. I’ve had a few students who couldn’t remember the email address they used to create an account and they had to create a new one.

      Again, sorry that you’re having trouble. Hopefully I’ve been able to help. Evernote is a great organizational resource and I hope you’re able to log in as soon as possible.


  3. Impossible de me faire un compte peut importe les nombreuses possibilités de nom que je met ça me marque toujours : “Nom d’utilisateur incorrect” =/ Comment faire ?

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