15 Things I’ve Learned As a New Administrator

1. Whatever the situation, write it down.

2. What gets scheduled gets done.

3. Everyone’s lives are messy, busy, or both.

4. Want to frustrate some people? Make a decision. Want to frustrate everyone? Don’t make a decision.

5. Not everyone sees the big picture.

6. Everyone wants to be the exception to the rule.

7. People who say, “I normally don’t bring up things like this” usually always do.

8. For some, teaching is just a job. For others, it’s a calling. Both teachers are easy to spot.

9. It’s easy to stay busy, but that’s not my job. My job is to do only what I can do. Learning to delegate is a must.

10. Creating culture takes time, a clear vision, and persistence.

11. Never determine my hourly rate– it’s depressing and it doesn’t matter.

12. Do not have impromptu conferences with parents in public. Boundaries are essential. Schedule a time to meet to discuss private matters.

13. If we don’t tell our school’s story, someone else will.

14. Don’t take things personally. Some people are just negative.

15. No matter what happened today, tomorrow will be completely different.

4 thoughts on “15 Things I’ve Learned As a New Administrator

  1. Jordan, these are excellent! They are so simple yet cut right to the heart of what’s true about school leadership. I am forwarding and tweeting this to everyone in my PLN. Thanks for the great thoughts.

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