What are you listening to?

I have headphones in my ears often, so it’s not uncommon for someone to stop and ask, “What are you listening to?” To their surprise, my response is almost always, “The ____ podcast” which is usually followed with, “Oh, that sounds boring,” or “What’s a podcast?”

I then explain the basic concept of a podcast and what I specifically like about the podcast I am currently listening to.


Stitcher Playlist

I listen to several podcasts every day thanks to Stitcher. Here is a list of the podcasts in my current Stitcher playlist:


Business & Education


There are a few other podcasts I listen to occasionally, but I wouldn’t consider myself a regular so I didn’t include them in this list.


Finding Time

It seems on a daily basis I’m asked, “How do you find time to listen to so many podcasts?” I teach six classes each day, so I’m not able to listen to anything during the school day; however, I am able to find time throughout my day. At first the answer seemed somewhat obvious to me, but because I’m asked so often, it must be a worthy question.


3 Times I Listen to Podcasts

  • In the car. My commute is really, really short (2 miles– nice, eh?), but I use that time to listen to something inspirational. If I’m ever going somewhere else (by myself!), I also use that time to listen to podcasts. If my wife and/or kids are with me, podcasts aren’t an option (yet). However, once my kids are older, I can’t wait to introduce them to some of my inspirational heroes. As of now, though, my oldest just keeps saying, “I don’t know this song” until I play the Curious George soundtrack (although I’m not complaining about listening to Jack Johnson!).


  • While lifting or running. Switching from music to podcasts took some getting used to, but it works well for me now. If for some reason I’m just not feeling it or I need an extra bump, I’ll listen to music– but those days are getting fewer and fewer because I’ve found it’s a great time to fit podcasts into my schedule. While exercising and listening to podcasts, my mind just starts racing with ideas. If I have a great idea that I need to hang on to, it’s not uncommon for me to stop, take a screenshot on my phone to bookmark the spot so I can go back and listen later. There’s something about engaging the body and the mind at the same time.

    Screenshot to time-stamp podcast for re-listening


  • While completing routine tasks. If I’m mowing the yard, folding laundry, cleaning the house, loading the dishwasher, or doing any other routine task, more than likely I have my headphones in and I’m listening to a podcast. Obviously if it’s a distraction, I don’t, but more often than not, it makes doing chores pretty enjoyable (all things considered).


Find Your Own Time

Audit how you spend your time and identify what you listen to (if anything) during that time. If you spend a lot of your time listening to music, consider substituting in a podcast. I heard Jim Rohn say, “The books you don’t read can’t help you.” I feel the same about podcasts. The podcasts I don’t listen to can’t inspire me. I can listen to music any time (and I do listen to music– in fact, I’m listening to Mumford and Sons right now as I type this), but there’s something special and inspiring about podcasts.

By reflecting on your current habits, I bet you can find time to listen to some podcasts. Your next challenge is to find the perfect ones for you. Good luck with that one!