How I Use Penultimate

A few weeks ago, I read a blog post about using Penultimate at school. For me, Penultimate was an under-used app on my iPad, but after reading the post, I decided to give Penultimate another chance.

After two or three weeks of using Penultimate, the app was updated and Penultimate is now one of my favorite apps. Perhaps I’ll be able to convince you to try it out!

How I Use Penultimate

As I write new ideas, concepts, and illustrations in Penultimate, the note is saved in two places–

1. My Penultimate notebook

2. Evernote

Penultimate and Evernote sync instantly which allows me to save my notes, organize my notes, and search my handwritten notes.


Also, I can share a page, selected pages, or entire notebooks– all as PDFs. (Click here to see how the “Penultimate” version of this blog post will look as a PDF).

Penultimate allows me to…


I use Penultimate for

  • daily to-do lists (click here for some great ideas)
  • meetings
  • ideas journal
  • PD notes
  • individual student tutoring*

*To help with individual student tutoring, I create an individual notebook for each student and have the student do his work using Penultimate (usually on my iPad if needed). When we finish each tutoring session, I email that day’s work to the student’s parents. Not only do the parents get to see their child’s actual work, but a searchable copy of it is saved for our next session.

Penultimate is really amazing! The more I’ve started using it, the more ways I’ve found to make it work for me. I would definitely encourage everyone to try it out!

As you come across great ideas and uses, it would be great if you posted them below.


P.S. If you’d like to hear the conversation I had with Jeff Herb about Evernote in Education, listen to this week’s Instructional Tech Podcast.

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  1. Jordan,
    I also love Michael hyatt’s blogs and podcasts, which is where I first heard about you. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to ask you this question of you, as a follow up to Michael’s podcast on Note-Taking. I’m curious what you would suggest in terms of taking notes of a book you’re reading. In this case I’m thinking about a book that I own and would be highlighting. My problems is that I end up highlighting most of the page- it’s all so good! How would you suggest that I go about identifying and highlighting those items that are most important. Thanks for your feedback!

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